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Measurement Science

Healthcare decisions must be based on valid and reliable data that are linked with all relevant information. Using system-wide data to improve healthcare delivery depends on the uniformity of these metrics, the efficiency with which they can be obtained, and the accuracy with which they are measured. Without meaningful metrics, quality improvement and implementation of effective therapies cannot be accomplished. Measurement Science is a critical component at every stage of the quality improvement and implementation process.


The Measurement Science QUERI Program disseminates evidence-based therapies by incorporating quality improvement and implementation science into training programs for healthcare providers.

Once 10-25% of a population adopts an innovation, a “tipping point” is reached where the innovation rapidly becomes adopted by most potential users until only a minority of final adopters remains. Leaders of training programs represent ideal “Early Adopters”.

Early Adopters can then encourage trainees to be part of the early majority and help adoption reach a critical mass to become self-sustaining.


Measurement Science QUERI investigators are collaborating with VA operational partners to implement four high-priority evidence-based practices:

These projects are united by the need to:

  • Identify and clearly define standardized metrics to facilitate tracking of future benefits (or harms).
  • Rapidly translate research findings and evidence-based treatments into clinical practice
  • Increase the impact of research findings through bi-directional partnerships and rigorous evaluations
  • Promote implementation science and support VA’s transformation to a learning healthcare system

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