Standardized Measurement of Functional Status

In partnership with the VA Central Office of Geriatrics and Extended Care, the “Implementation of Standardized Functional Status Measurement for Older Veterans” study seeks to improve outcomes for older Veterans by developing and implementing standardized protocols to (a) measure functional status and (b) use these measures to improve patient care.

The project will first identify barriers and facilitators to routine measurement of functional status by conducting qualitative interviews with stakeholders in a diverse sample of primary care settings. Findings from these interviews will be used to develop standardized protocols to measure functional status, which will be refined based on feedback from stakeholder focus groups.

Study researchers will then tailor implementation strategies in accordance with guidelines set forth by the Expert Recommendations for Implementing Change study. Standardized functional status protocols will be implemented in phases to allow for further refinement of the implementation process prior to national roll-out. Key outcomes will include uptake of functional status assessment and metrics associated with clinical and operational use of the data.