Innovative Research
CHIME is dedicated to bringing together novel ideas and the latest methods to improve healthcare delivery and maximize medical effectiveness.
CHIME supports outstanding postdoctoral scholars who are interested in pursuing research to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare.
CHIME fosters a spirit of collaboration among a community of researchers with broad experience and wide expertise.
CHIME is committed to disseminating our findings to the wider community, including patients, providers, and other stakeholders.

Mission ‐ Use VA data to improve health

CHIME is a collaboration hub where VA investigators, UCSF faculty, and postdoctoral fellows use data science, health systems research, and implementation science to improve health. We leverage data from electronic medical records to transform healthcare.


  • To conduct innovative research that improves patient-centered health outcomes.
  • To provide expertise, service, and data access to researchers who share our mission.
  • To provide post-doctoral training in data science, health systems research, and implementation science

Guiding Principles

  • Research integrity
  • Scientific rigor
  • Interpersonal respect
  • Cross-disciplinary collaboration