The Center for Healthcare Improvement and Medical Effectiveness (CHIME) seminars, directed by Beth Cohen MD MAS, provide timely feedback to fellows and faculty on patient-oriented research projects. For more information, contact Akira Look.

Mondays 2-3 PM 
Zoom information sent with calendar invite for each presenter.

4/10/23 Scaling laws in healthcare delivery: analysis of referral networks, a VA wide study
Modelling access to care time, and agent based simulation approach based on VA data
Alon Ben-Ari, MD MSc
3/20/23 Predicting Atrial Fibrillation from Sinus ECGs in Veterans Using Deep Learning Neal Yuan, MD
3/13/23 SWIFT IVI Proposal Review: Optimizing care for Veterans with methamphetamine associated heart failure Veena Manja, MBBS PhD MSc
3/6/23 SWIFT IVI Grant Application Feedback #2 Katherine Hoggatt, PhD MPH
Beth Cohen, MD MAS
2/27/23 SWIFT IVI Grant Application Feedback #1 Jennifer Manuel, PhD MS
Salomeh Keyhani, MD MPH
Lenny Lopez, MD MDiv MPH
2/6/23 HSR&D National Meeting Presentation Feedback Session #2 N/A
1/30/23 HSR&D National Meeting Presentation Feedback Session #1 N/A
12/5/22 “Modulation of the gut microbiome by dietary fiber to improve calcium absorption and bone health in older men" Karin Wu, MD
11/21/22 “Implementation and Assessment of an Inpatient Virtual Care Consult Service" Charlie Wray, DO MS
Amy O'Shea, PhD
10/31/22 “Developing a smartphone-based intervention targeting high-risk situations of nicotine vaping among young adults" Nhung Nguyen, PhD
10/24/22 “Characterizing risk factors, mental health outcomes, and patient-centered care needs for early menopause among women Veterans" Carrie Gibson, PhD
10/3/22 "Real-world effectiveness of lung cancer screening for Veterans " Alison Rustagi, MD PhD
9/19/22 "Hybrid Tele-Ophthalmology for Veterans with Age-Related Macular Degeneration" Frank Brodie, MD MBA
8/29/22 "Expansion of Community Care Use in VA: Causes and Implications" Liam Rose, PhD
6/6/22 "Work-In-Progress: Assessing fracture risk after bariatric surgery among Veterans" Eileen Koh, MD
5/23/22 "Brave New (Hybrid) World: Leveraging telemedicine for access to cardiovascular disease care" Rebecca Lauren Tisdale, MD MPA
5/16/22 "The evaluation of pre-existing mental health diagnoses on outcomes for patients with CML" Kelly Schoenbeck, MD
4/25/22 "Exploring the Impact of Virtual Care on Veterans with Heart Failure" Charlie Wray, DO MS
4/18/22 "Improving Pain Management in Cirrhosis – K23 Aims" Jessica Rubin, MD MPH
3/28/22 "Incidence and causal determinants of severe post-vaccination COVID-19 among a national cohort of veterans" Dan Kelly, MD MPH
Salomeh Keyhani, MD MPH
3/21/22 "Training PCPs to Deliver Brief Education on Evidence-Based Psychotherapy for PTSD" Rachel Ranney, PhD
3/14/22 "Logistics of an exercise trial for LUTS in older male veterans" Scott Bauer, MD ScM
2/28/22 "Assessing for bias in ancestry-informed lung function prediction" Jonathan Witonsky, MD
2/7/22 "Applying Data-Driven Methods to Predict Suicide Risk Among LGBTQ+ Veterans" Emily Dolsen, PhD
1/24/22 "Screening for latent infections among Veterans using biologic or targeted small molecules" Gabriela Schmajuk, MD MSc
1/3/22 "Maximizing the benefit of lung cancer screening for veterans: Quantifying real-world screening outcomes to personalize screening decisions in the VA" Alison Rustagi, MD PhD
An archived list of previous seminars is listed here.

Last Updated: September 28, 2022