Rural and urban differences in the implementation of Virtual Integrated Patient-Aligned Care Teams

May 25, 2022
Anna Oh, Jennifer Y. Scott, Adam Chow, Hao Jiang, Clara E. Dismuke-Greer, Kritee Gujral and Jean Yoon

Organizational Readiness for Patient-Facing Mobile Teledermatology to Care for Established Veteran Patients in the United States

May 24, 2022
Sara B. Peracca, Allene S. Fonseca, Olevie Lachica, George L. Jackson, Isis J. Morris, Heather A. King, Angelica Misitzis, John D. Whited, David C. Mohr, Rebecca P. Lamkin, Allen L. Gifford, Martin A. Weinstock and Dennis H. Oh

Do functional status and Medicare claims data improve the predictive accuracy of an electronic health record mortality index? Findings from a national Veterans Affairs cohort

May 18, 2022
William James Deardorff, Bocheng Jing, Sun Y. Jeon, W John Boscardin, Alexandra K. Lee, Kathy Z. Fung and Sei J. Lee

Agent Orange Exposure and Risk of Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis Among U.S. Veterans

May 13, 2022
Bhavika Kaul, Joyce S. Lee, David Glidden, Paul D. Blanc, Ning Zhang, Harold R. Collard and Mary A. Whooley

Treatment for Moral Injury: Impact of Killing in War

May 07, 2022
Kristine Burkman, Rebecca Gloria, Haley Mehlman and Shira Maguen

Trends in blood pressure diagnosis, treatment, and control among VA nursing home residents, 2007-2018

May 07, 2022
Michelle C. Odden, Yongmei Li, Laura A. Graham, Michael A. Steinman, Zachary A. Marcum, Christine K. Liu, Bocheng Jing, Kathy Z. Fung, Carmen A. Peralta and Sei J. Lee

Assessing the Impact of a Pre-visit Readiness Telephone Call on Video Visit Success Rates

May 02, 2022
Charlie M. Wray, Archana Sridhar, Ashlyn Young, Charles Noyes, William B. Smith and Salomeh Keyhani

Factors Associated with Remote Monitoring Adherence for Cardiovascular Implantable Electronic Devices

April 29, 2022
Anoop N. Muniyappa, Merritt H. Raitt, Gregory L. Judson, Hui Shen, Gary Tarasovsky, Mary A. Whooley and Sanket S. Dhruva