Research Priorities to Expand Virtual Care Access for Patients in the Veterans Affairs Health Care System

January 22, 2024
Charlie M. Wray, Ursula Myers, Cindie Slightam, Navid Dardashti, Leonie Heyworth, Allison Lewinski, Peter Kaboli, Thomas Edes, Kevin Trueman and Donna M. Zulman

Implementation of Direct-to-Patient Mobile Teledermatology in VA

January 22, 2024
Sara B. Peracca, Olevie Lachica, Rebecca P. Lamkin, George L. Jackson, David C. Mohr, Heather A. King, John D. Whited, Allene S. Fonseca, Isis J. Morris, Allen L. Gifford, Martin A. Weinstock and Dennis H. Oh

Which veterans with PTSD are most likely to report being told of their diagnosis?

December 18, 2023
Nicholas Holder, Rachel M. Ranney, Paul A. Bernhard, Ryan Holliday, Dawne Vogt, Claire A. Hoffmire, John R. Blosnich, Aaron I. Schneiderman and Shira Maguen

Population Attributable Risk of Advanced-Stage Breast Cancer by Race and Ethnicity

December 07, 2023
Karla Kerlikowske, Shuai Chen, Michael C. S. Bissell, Christoph I. Lee, Jeffrey A. Tice, Brian L. Sprague and Diana L. Miglioretti

The Middle-Out Approach to reconceptualizing, assessing, and analyzing traumatic stress reactions

December 04, 2023
Shane W. Adams, Christopher M. Layne, Ateka A. Contractor, Maureen A. Allwood, Chérie Armour, Sabra S. Inslicht and Shira Maguen

Outcomes of Veterans Treated in Veterans Affairs Hospitals vs Non-Veterans Affairs Hospitals

December 01, 2023
Jean Yoon, Ciaran S. Phibbs, Michael K. Ong, Megan E. Vanneman, Adam Chow, Andrew Redd, Kenneth W. Kizer, Matthew P. Dizon, Emily Wong and Yue Zhang

Differences in use of Veterans Health Administration and non-Veterans Health Administration hospitals by rural and urban Veterans after access expansions

November 30, 2023
Matthew P. Dizon, Kenneth W. Kizer, Michael K. Ong, Ciaran S. Phibbs, Megan E. Vanneman, Emily P. Wong, Yue Zhang and Jean Yoon

Barriers and Facilitators Associated With Remote Monitoring Adherence Among Veterans With Pacemakers and Implantable Cardioverter-Defibrillators: Qualitative Cross-Sectional Study

November 21, 2023
Sanket S. Dhruva, Merritt H. Raitt, Scott Munson, Hans J. Moore, Pamela Steele, Lindsey Rosman, Mary A. Whooley